Use this form to request a new account on Agora.
Agora is a Mediawiki instance and currently requires an account to contribute. While MediaWiki could accept anonymous contributions, it requires thorough anti-spam and human verification capabilities, for which it seems difficult to warranty privacy (think reCAPTCHA).

This section is a copy of the form MediaWiki provides.

All the information submitted will be passed through to this form.
Your username can have UTF-8 characters including spaces.
We'll create the account by asking MediaWiki to generate a temporary random password and send it to the specified email address.
If provided, it may be used to give you attribution for your work.
MediaWiki asks us "Why are you creating another account?". You can edit the answer we give, it will be publicly logged in the user creation log. For example, you can explain why you wish to contribute.

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